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General Questions

SurePipsTrade is an investment management company, Our company is aimed to be one of the leading online investment company globally, Our professional team has a combined 20 years of experience in providing innovative investment products that meet the specific needs of the online community. growingbit.com is driven by its commitments in providing financial and wealth management services to all our clients globally. SurePipsTrade started its operation as a private investment firm in 2013. We have an extensive connections in different investment network, such us Insurance, Mutual Funds and Forex Investments. SurePipsTrade is focused on strategic investment in diverse range on businesses globally, that will benefit our company as a whole, while providing stable returns for our company clients globally. SurePipsTrade, primary goal is to build a long-term capital value in developing investments in a diversified portfolio while minimizing the risk for our capital funds. Our company, invest proactively and seek to add more investments in our current portfolio by actively participating in the crypto currency market where we acquire different startup coins in different startup crypto currency.
Please read our about us page to know about our investment activities that we deal to generate our promised return to all our investors.
You can start earning with us by clicking on the DEPOSIT now button and choose your desired payment processors, Currently we accept ( bitcoin, perfect money, ethereum, litecoin) as a mode of investment to our company.
Our company offers 4 profitable investment plans, that pays on Daily Basis. Firstly, our daily plans pays 15% After 24 Hours, and repeats depending on the plan you purchased. (e.g starter plan repeats 10 times giving you a total of 150% to complete the plan in 10 days) Your Earnings will be instantly Credited to your crypto currency Wallet provided Once You Ask For Withdrawals.
Your principal deposit will not be return on both plans, because your principal amount are already compounded on your Earnings.
All deposit are processed INSTANTLY expect BTC that will automatically reflect on your account within 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on the blockchain confirmations.
In any case that your deposit failed to appear on your account instantly or for BTC deposit failed to appear within 2 hours. Contact our support group by sending emails to support@surepipstrade.com or creating a support ticket online and our customer support will deal on your account accordingly. don't forget to add all the necessary information regarding your deposit transactions.
All withdrawal are being processed manually 24/7, Our dedicated team for accounting and withdrawal screening are working round the clock to processed all withdrawals within 5 minutes up-to 24 hours after your request. During Weekends Saturday and Sunday, please allow an EXTRA 6 hours processing time on your withdrawal as we are working on a skeletal workforce during weekends.
No, we don't allow multiple accounts.
The company offers 5% Referral Commissions.